History of Golf Clubs

One cannot play golf without owning or borrowing several pieces of golf clubs. It is a piece of sporting equipment, which has a shaft and a head, used in hitting a golf ball (to shoot it into holes). Even the sport itself started because of sticks, clubs, canes, or any other similar looking objects being used to hit balls or stones into holes.


golf clubsSeveral documentations were made on the first occasion where golf clubs were used. Back then, sticks with other purposes and ornaments were used to hit balls or stones. It was noticed before that a group of sheepherders near St. Andrews, Scotland used their wooden staffs to hit stones to go into the rabbit holes. Because of their boredom while watching sheep for hours and hours, they became experts in hitting the stones into the rabbit holes.


There are different documentations in different countries about ancient people who used sticks to hit balls into holes, but those in Scotland were recognized to have invented the game, golf, in the 1400s. From 960 to 1279 during the Song Dynasty, chuiwan was played in China by the imperial family. Chuiwan was a game wherein balls were hit to go into holes using a set of 10 clubs (with jewels on their different parts).


Even though the documented start of the game was in 1400s, the first well documented club set was made in 1603. This first set of golf clubs were made specifically for the king of Scotland by William Mayne, the primary bow maker of King James VI of Scotland. You can find several of the old and first clubs made in the Royal and Ancient Club’s museum in St. Andrews. The first clubs and its parts were made of different kinds and species of wood. The first materials that were used in making the shaft were ash or hazel wood because these were softer and more flexible compared to the species of wood that were used for making the head. The hardwood that were first used in making the heads are oak, cherry, beech and apple wood. These clubs were called the “Hickory Golf Clubs.”


Robert Forgan from Scotland changed the construction and materials used in making the clubs by using American hickory for the shaft instead of the previously used ash or hazel wood. The American hickory was exported to Scotland where the pieces of equipment were made.


At around 19th century, a new golf ball was invented by Reverend Adam Pearson, the gutta-percha or “guttie” golf ball. The core of the “guttie” golf ball is made of solid gutta-percha (a kind of tree). The invention of this ball led to the new designs of the golf clubs, because of the necessity to change the clubs since the previous “feathery” golf balls made from leather and feathers had different properties compared to the new and more durable “guttie” ball. These newer clubs resemble the modern designs used today.


The large scale production of clubs, which started in the early 1900s, paved the way for exporting of some of the items to different countries. Aside from the use of American hickory, manufacturers started using other wood species, such as American Persimmon, for the heads. Wood was the primary material for the heads until around the late 1800s, where mass production of iron for club heads became possible.


Also, during the early 1900s, a significant evolution of the equipment was apparent after the Prince of Wales ordered a steel-shafted set with special specifications. From then on, manufacturers started using steel for the shaft. These steel shafts replaced the wooden shaft after the introduction of a new ball with a rubber core, the Haskell ball, in 1901.


With every new material that is being invented and discovered, a new innovation is also introduced in making golf equipment. These new inventions maximize the potential of the players and the game itself, making golf easier and more fun to play.


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3 Things To Remember About Hiring Content Writers

The internet is an ever evolving place. In the past, it was easy to set up a website and have a flock of people journeying to see what you had to say and offer. In fact, some of the biggest websites in the world started early on in the history of the online world, and are still alive and well with credibility that is hard to gain. If you want to get into the public trust of sites that have been around a long time, you will need to follow along with the search engine ranking system that is in place. SERP options change, and algorithm shifts cause a great deal of opportunity for those that need to promote a variety of different things on the web, and one thing is for sure, internet marketing is the way to ensure a future for any company. If you don’t fall in line with the rules and regulations, or you try and circumvent everything, you are going to fail to secure a spot in your respective niche.


There are some common things that you will need to remember when you’re looking at marketing in today’s internet landscape. One of them is the point of hiring content writers to not only fill out your existing web pages, but to also allow you to gain access to the search rankings at a higher level. When you’re listed high above the queries, you will gain more traffic than your competition, and all without spending a dime on frivolous advertising or marketing ploys. Before hiring anyone, however, consider the following 3 quick things to remember about purchasing articles from a talented writer or company.


Check Their Previous Work Carefully


content writersA litmus test should be conducted in terms of how well a company or person writes. Do not just believe their marketing, or their website. Look for previous clients, or posts that they’ve written themselves. If they don’t have any active on their page, then ask for them to provide you with some examples of their work. You want to read through them and ascertain whether or not they are a good fit for what you want out of your promotional considerations. If for whatever reason you don’t find something on par with what you deem well written, don’t hire them. It’s that simple. If you do not make this consideration up front, you could end up losing out big time.


Consider How Fast Do They Deliver Content


Delivery times differ from company to company, and most provide turnaround within 48 hours to 7 days. This is the average, but some freelancers can work with less time than that. You’ll have to pay a lot more to get someone to deliver overnight, or within the framework of 24 hours. The turnaround time is important because you want to gauge how long you have to wait before getting your articles in place. If you find yourself struggling to get things covered within a good time frame, then by all means select another company to work with. Gauge how fast you want your content done, and you will definitely succeed.


Double Check For Duplicate Content


The number one thing that you want to remember, aside from everything else you’ve read so far, is duplicate content. Do not under any circumstances take anything that is duplicate, spun, or not unique. Unique information and writing is the #1 way that you’re going to be able to gain access to a global audience. If you post information that has been copied from somewhere, or you have spun articles, you will end up getting delisted from search results, and no one will be able to find you online. This is a bad thing, so double check all articles against plagiarism.


Finally, make sure that when you’re looking for content writers, you do not employ any sort of haste. Impulsive purchases of content will only prove to be a disaster, as you could get a PLR option instead of unique items. Take your time, find a good company or person to work with, and then order with confidence.

Types of Businesses and People that Suites Live Chat Features

Live chat support is not really suitable for all types of businesses. For example; it wouldn’t be sensible to apply the system to a dominantly physical store. Having a homepage or fan page for the business does not directly place it as a candidate for featuring the support system

What It’s For

First things first, live chat can become a core feature that runs 24/7, accommodating all types of questions from viewers. It can also be a small feature, a scheduled support system that is limited to a few hours of answering queries in a day. In the end, one has to determine whether or not the company can afford that time to attend to customers’ concerns.

Online Shops

live chatOnline stores benefit the most from this kind of support system. To increase their sales, online store owners need to communicate well with their customers. It’s imperative that the customers’ preference and opinions are taken into account. Once customers see the improvement they will become loyal clients and even invite friends to purchase from the store too. The live chat support system will effectively boost sales by making the online store easy to connect with, which is a basis for reliability.

Large Software/ Gadget Companies

When companies release software or gadgets, the feedback of users is highly sought after. Large companies can base their future products from what comments by customers. The simple questions and concerns that most people bring to the service support are highly valuable. They can pave a way for a user-friendly improvement and the company will be admired by consumers by it.

Support Service Industries

Customer representative and technical support companies also benefit greatly from live chat systems. Normally, such service companies offer support to clients through phone calls. The system involves complex but effective software. Having a chat support is a nice addition in offering support service, because the solutions can be instantly provided. It’s also cost-efficient making the company gain more than they spend. There is compromise for both sides; the representative and the customer can remain relatively calm since there’s no way to tell the voice level of either person. The technicians can also swiftly identify internal or system errors by simply receiving IMs from the representative.

Freelance Entrepreneurs

Freelancers need a live chat support system from time to time too. It’s not always that freelance entrepreneurs are available. But while they are online, they can make the most of it by being available for questions through the chat support system. Since the system is not a responsibility in particular and requires little, sometimes no maintenance, freelance entrepreneurs can easily log in and out to accommodate interested clients. Being very affordable, novice entrepreneurs do not have to invest in a high-end system. They can simply obtain free-trials or browser-based live chat support features for their websites.

Quick and Dirty Tips for Successful SEO Services

It would be an absolute shame for you to spend all of this time, effort and money into creating a wonderful product and service and designing an engaging website to have no one visit it at all. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of many people’s businesses. What is the reason for this? They didn’t get any SEO services so their beautiful website went unvisited. We don’t want this for you, so we have come up with a list of really quick and easy tips for acquiring SEO services, or for doing it yourself! Whichever your method is, make sure you adopt search engine optimization as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

1) Learn it for yourself:

Even if you decide to hire SEO services firm, it is really important that you learn what the company is doing for you. Understand why certain keywords are chosen, how the Google algorithm will define your website and how to adapt to the ever changing internet environment. If you don’t understand it yourself, you will not be as successful, regardless of who is actually doing the work.

SEO2) It takes time, stay patient:

Good things do not come overnight but they come to those who wait! You will not see your website shoot to the top immediately but rest assured, SEO services is a proven method. It is working, you just have to wait a little bit to see the results, and so be patient.

3) Set attainable goals:

Make sure your goals are reasonable and the time frame associated with them is as well. If you set lofty goals, this could be discouraging.

4) Do your research:

Understand your target market and your competition. This will go a very long way to making not only your SEO strategy and your website better, but the product and service that you are offering your customers as well.

5) Track your progress:

There are certain tools, such as Google Analytics, that can track your progress. If you do not have time to set this up yourself, make sure your SEO services company is doing this for you.

6) Continually Optimize and Update your website:

If you are going to keep getting new visitors, you will want your websites to continually be optimized for each visit. This means updating the content frequently and ensuring there is always new material on it that is useful to your customers.

7) Reach out:

You should be on social media, on blog sites, in community portals and forums. Always be getting your brand out there, helping other people because eventually, this will come back to you. If you are posting on sites, link back to your own.

These are just a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your strategy but these are by no means the only thing to keep in mind!

SEO Tools Can Make Your Life Much Better

best SEO tipsLife can be crazy in the business world. Colleges may not give recent graduates the “real” facts about how crazy it can be. Business owners are constantly thinking about how to increase their customer base, improve sales, and make a profit. You lose sleep at night or do not have an appetite to eat during the day.

However, there are some online tools and software programs that can potentially make your day less chaotic. This is where SEO comes into play. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a broad term that allows business websites to get noticed by using effective keywords and many other ways. You just want your website to show up on people’s search engine results.

With such a wide assortment of SEO tools, you need to determine which ones to use. Some focus on finding the right keywords or phrases. If you put enough of these words throughout your website, you will have a better chance to have your website appear in the results of people’s online searches.

Other steps may involve writing more effective SEO content and maximizing your content. For those new business owners, this may sound so foreign or even become a little overwhelming. Once you have seen how it works, it can actually be a simple process.

You may need to take some time to figure out what SEO is all about. There are countless websites to go on and see what information is out there. You should take your time in determining what the best ones are to use in your particular situation.