3 Essential Ingredients of E Juices


Many people who have been using e cigarettes usually buy branded and premixed e juices. As such, they have little to no option on things and flavors to try. After some time, they wonder if it is possible create their own e juice mixture at home. The fact is they can! In this way, they will be able to try new things and exercise their creativity at the same time. Are you one of these people who are interested in creating your own e liquid solutions? Read on!

In this article, you will learn the essential ingredients of an e juice  in order to create your own. This is designed for people who already have experience in vamping. Nevertheless, beginner vipers can also use the steps that will be mentioned in this article as long as they know some of the basic terms that are outright confusing and foreign to a person who has neither read nor heard anything about e cigarettes, e juices and mixtures.

In truth, creating your own e liquid mixture or solution can be very easy and cost effective. You will only need some tools (that can be easily found in your household), ingredients and a bit of diligence.

The simple tools that you will need are as follows:

  1. Graduated cylinder
  2. Latex gloves                                                           juice-ele
  3. Measuring cup
  4. Labels
  5. Safety goggles
  6. Empty bottles
  7. Eye dropper (you can use a syringe as an alternative)
  8. E liquid calculator

As long as you have created one e liquid mixture, the rest of the mixture that you are about to create will be easy. You can even share the e liquid mixture with your friends.

Prepare the key ingredients of an e juice. They are as follows:

  1. Flavoring
  2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and/or Propylene Glycol (PG)
  3. Nicotine concentrate (unflavored)

You can easily buy these three ingredients in your favorite e cigarette shop or online e cigarette vendors and retailers. You shouldn’t hastily purchase those things from just any store however, especially since some retailers merely think about their own gains. You should search for a shop that’s run by people who truly care about their customers’ safety and satisfaction.

Flavoring is where things become really interesting. The reason is that you can actually mix and match different flavors depending on your mood, wants and of course, creativity. In addition, try out similar flavoring additives from different suppliers/retailers and see which is better. You can read e cigarette forums and blogs to learn about actual experiences of e cigarette users around the globe.

Flavoring your e juice solution will consist of lots of experimentation. For more information, you can always find e liquid recipes online.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and/or Propylene Glycol (PG) are the substances that you will use in order to dilute the nicotine concentrate. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thick liquid. It is commonly used in order to increase the amount of vapor in an e cigarette. On the other hand, Propylene Glycol (PG) is a liquid with a viscous texture. It is commonly used in order to increase ‘throat hit.’ Generally speaking, you can mix and match VG and PG depending on your personal preference. For example, you can use 20% VG 80% PG and vice versa. As a rule of thumb however, a 50-50 VG to PG ratio works best.

Nicotine concentrate (unflavored) is widely used by a lot of e cigarette users. It will bring some ‘throat hit’ and satisfy your cravings for nicotine.

Now that you have all the key ingredients, you may now prepare your e liquid mixture and try it out in your e cigarette. Good luck!


How to Prepare Herbal Remedies at Home

In traditional botanical medicine systems, herbal remedies can be prepared in a variety but standardized methods that depend upon the kind of plant being used and medical condition being treated. Some herbal treatments can be infused or made into hot tea and some can be boiled into decoctions.


herbal remediesMost herbal teas are made from plant’s leaves, flowers, barks or roots steeped into boiling water or from diluted plant extract. Be sure to cover the teapot with lid to create a more potent brew by maintaining all healing oils in the tea. To get the most effective brew, steep the tea for about eight to ten minutes. Herbal teas can be consumed either hot or cold and can be added with honey, sugar, lemon or milk to improve taste. Most common plants used as tea are mint, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, Echinacea, blackberry leaf, rosehips, cloves and lemon balm. These herbal remedies are effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions like strep throats or tonsillitis, colds, cough, anxiety, diarrhea, inflammation and are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Decoction method is a stronger method of extraction that is usually used with woody roots, barks and non-aromatic seeds. Large quantities can also be boiled to create concentrated, strong and aromatic herbal remedies. Ideally, pots made from ceramic and glass should be used instead of aluminum or iron because these may chemically react with the herbs.


Add around 750 ml of water to the herbs. Initially boil the mixture in relatively high heat first then reduce to medium heat for twenty minutes or until water evaporated and one cup of concentrated, dark liquid is left. Strain mixture into a large ceramic or glass container to make the first dose. Add another 500 ml of water into the previously boiled herbs and simmer for twenty minutes using medium to low heat until a cup of the liquid remains. Strain the mixture again and transfer the liquid into the same container as the first dose. Repeat the process again to create a third cup of decoction. After third boiling, the cooked herbs must be discarded. The tedious process of boiling herbs for three times for twenty minutes each is essential to retain the active ingredients such volatile aromatic oils that can disintegrate when boiled for an hour at high temperatures.


Some decoctions can taste bitter and a little amount of honey or sugar can adjust the taste. Generally, these herbal remedies must be taken a cup for three times a day. Decoctions can last for two to three days when sealed and refrigerated properly.


Tinctures are herb extract concentrates made from chopped herbs with alcohol with water. This method is especially effective in extracting essential compounds from fibrous, woody, roots and resin parts of the plant while preserving the herbs and nutrients. The ideal vehicle for producing tinctures is vodka because it is odourless, colorless and virtually flavourless. Other alcoholic beverages can be substituted such as rum, brandy or whiskey as long as it has forty percent alcohol level or eighty proof to avoid mildew formation in the bottle. In cases where alcohols cannot be tolerated, glycerine or apple cider vinegar can be used.


Clean or sterilized glass or ceramic containers such as glass bottles with stopper or mason jars are recommended over metallic or plastic to avoid any reaction with the tincture and these dangerous chemicals can seep to the mixture over time. Add enough fresh sliced herbs into container and cover with enough alcohol. Powdered herbs should have about 400 ml of alcohol per 100 g while 200 g of dried herbs must be proportioned to a liter of alcohol. Stir the mixture using a butter knife while making sure that all air bubbles are broken. Seal the bottle and store it a dark, cool area for eight days to a month while regularly shaking the container. Strain the tincture by using a sieve lined with muslin cloth. Use a wooden or bamboo spoon and twist the muslin cloth to squeeze out any leftover liquids. Decant the liquid into a dark colored tincture bottle with a small funnel. Remember to tighten the lid to prevent air exposure and label the bottle with the herb used and date. A properly preserved tincture can last up to five years.


The easiest methods in preparing herbal remedies are maceration, poultices and baths. Maceration or cold-soaking are ideal for fresh, very tender plant parts. The herbs are covered with cool water and immersed overnight. Poultices and compresses are applied in contact with the skin. These are effective as topical pain relievers, for rashes and wounds. Herbs are mashed with mortar and pestle or by hand to soften them before the wet herbs are placed on the skin. Bathing remedies uses the skin to absorb the plant chemicals systemically. It needs ten minutes of soaking with crushed or chopped herbs, decoctions or infusions to relieve dermal problems.

Different Vision Problems a Baldwin County Eye Doctor May Diagnose

When you have normal vision, incoming rays of light focus specifically on your retina. If you have vision problems, this mean such rays do not reach your retina. In this article you will know the different vision problems your Baldwin County eye doctor may diagnose.


Near-sightedness, also known as myopia, happens when your eyes possess extreme focusing power. This leads to distant objects becoming blurry to you.  Such a condition is due to a steep cornea or long eyeballs.


Another eye condition is farsightedness or hyperopia wherein you have a distorted close vision. This happens when your eyeball becomes too short or when your Proper Eye Healthcornea turns flat.


You will suffer from astigmatism if your cornea is unevenly ridged or curved and does not have a smooth sphere.  Because of this irregular shape of your cornea, light becomes scattered the moment it goes into your eyes. Objects may seem blurry to you and light from lamps may look like a big haze or large spikes instead of just one concentrated light source.  A lot of people suffer from astigmatism. The good news is it is easily corrected by using contact lenses or eyeglasses. For a severe case of astigmatism, the doctor may prescribe refractive surgery. This condition can accompany near-sightedness or farsightedness.


Another eye condition is presbyopia. A sufferer will find it difficult to focus on objects that are close. This is a part of the aging process wherein the eye muscles become weak and the eye lenses are hardened.


Your Baldwin County eye doctor may also diagnose the disease called glaucoma which damages your optic nerves. The latter are nerve cells found behind your eyeball. It may be a congenital disorder and treatment includes medications and surgery. There is no cure for this condition as of the moment.


Clouding the lens of your eyes are cataracts. They make you have poor vision at night and you become sensitive to glares. You also see halos surrounding lights.


People who enter their 60s may suffer from macular degeneration due to age. With this condition, the middle of your retina called the macula begins to severely deteriorate until you lose your sight. The eye’s most vital component is the macula as it is surrounded by numerous photoreceptors which detect light patterns. This allows us to see things and complete tasks that need vision. Macular degeneration that is age-related can be caused by hypertension, genetics, sunlight exposure and high cholesterol level. This condition has no cure but its progression can be slowed down with prescription medication, laser therapy and the right nutrients.


A Baldwin County eye doctor may also know if you suffer from retinal detachment. Your retina separates from the tissue surrounding it which can lead to loss of vision or blindness if it is not re-attached in three days.   The exact cause for this condition is unknown but it usually happens to people who are near-sighted and to the elderly.  You will not experience pain with retinal detachment but its symptoms are flashes of light, the peripheral vision becoming darker and black spots appearing in your visual field. To re-attach the retina, doctors perform surgery using laser if there is only a minor tear.


A lot of people are also suffering from color blindness. With this condition, your retinal cells malfunction and cannot sense light. This is a congenital disease and may happen when you get older. It also happens to those with cataracts.


If you think you suffer any of these eye problems, contact your Baldwin County eye doctor immediately. Take care of your sight because it is probably the most used sense of all.

The Many Designs of Biker Patches

Motorbikes are cool. Even the average Joe acknowledges this fact. The bike is even cooler when it is made by prominent bike makers such as Triumph, Ducat i, and Harley-Davidson. The bike is even cooler still when the one riding it is a certified bad-ass. In order for a biker to look bad-ass, he must wear a leather jacket or vest with patches sewn or ironed on in it.


The American biker subculture has certainly crept its way into the mainstream consciousness, despite the motorcycle groups that pioneered this subculture keeping their activities a secret to outsiders. The outfits worn by bikers belonging to the so-called “big four” biker groups are the standard that mostly defines this subculture, even though the colors and badges that are embedded in the outfits can be fully worn by their full-fledged members only.


As more motorcycle clubs spring up, people who want to get into this subculture have been buying biker patches that fit whatever standing in life they are in. With lots of designs to choose from, a prospective biker needs to choose biker patches that not just look cool, but also act as a representation of his own self.


Motorcycle club patches usually come in a three-piece set consisting of a top rocker, the logo of the club itself, and the bottom rocker that are all attached to the back of the jacket or vest. The top rocker indicates the name of the club, while the bottom rocker indicates the chapter or territory of said club. As motorcycle clubs closely guard their logos and colors, only those who are “full-patched” or full-fledged members deserve to wear these patches.



Arm rocker patches are usually sewn on the arm sleeves of the jacket and signify that the rider is a veteran in previous military campaigns. The patches usually show the campaign and the year the biker has been involved in that campaign – for example, “Iraq 2003”. Veterans who decide to be bikers deserve respect, since they risked their lives for America and the world. These patches are their calling card for this kind of respect.


Logo and saying patches usually reflect the biker’s philosophy. Bikers are traditionally known to be honorable outlaws – they may break the rules, but they still live honorable lives. Other logo and saying patches are simply filled with witty biker-oriented humor. Examples include “Never mind the dog; beware the owner” and “Nobody listens to me until I fart”.


Religious bikers can also avail of patches that depict religious imagery. Besides crosses and images of Jesus Christ, saying patches depicting Biblical quotes can also be found.


Bikers who also belong to law enforcement agencies have their own sets of patches. When someone calls for help, expect a biker wearing a police, paramedic, or firefighter patch to come to his or her aid, even if the biker is off-duty.


Animals are also popular designs for biker patches. The eagle is a well-known animal to be depicted in patches. After all, it is the national bird of America; and the biker subculture started in America. Other animals that are usually depicted in patches include bears, wolves, bulldogs, cobras, and dragons.


Flag patches are also commonplace. They simply show patriotism and are usually coupled with veteran patches. There are also military-oriented patches that express support for soldiers or remind people of soldiers who were killed or missing in action while in the line of duty.


Needless to say, biker patches are a diverse lot nowadays. With so many stores selling those patches, a beginner biker can easily express his inner thoughts and feelings with the patches he chooses.

Tips for Getting an HDMI Cable

Getting an HDMI cable shouldn’t be too complicated. Nevertheless, there are still those who find themselves lost and confused over the different kinds of cable out there. Some are even hesitant to buy because they’re scared that they might buy the wrong one. Sure, cables aren’t expensive, hdmi_dvi_cablebut that doesn’t mean people should just buy whatever cable that they want.

The world of HD cables can be confusing to those who don’t know enough what really matters when it comes to buying one. The nice thing about this though, is that it doesn’t really take a lot to learn which cables are worth getting. All a person really needs to do is to read. Here are a few tips for getting an HDMI cable.

Why most people get it wrong

There are plenty of people out there who are swayed to buy a new HD cable. More often than not, the typical reason why people buy a new cable is because the new cables are supposedly an upgrade over the older version.

Most people are fooled because they don’t know better. These people trust what the manufacturer or sales representative has to say.

The HD cable industry is full of so much jargon and useless numbers that people don’t understand that it’s not difficult to understand why so many people get so easily lost and confused.

Price doesn’t really affect picture quality, it affects sound

Most people are familiar with the HDMI cable because it’s the cable they use for their High-definition display. Most, if not all, of the products that come out nowadays has an HD display on it, if it has one to begin with. This is what makes HD cables so important.

The one thing that consumers need to know is that the quality of the cable rarely matters since the differences between them are very miniscule that most people won’t really know the difference. In fact, when it comes to picture quality, the cheapest HD cable will probably work as well as the most expensive one on the market.

What the cable quality has an effect on is the sound. Some cables are better suited for home theater setups than others. Although, it must be noted that cable quality is usually an issue only for cables that are over five meters in length.

No need for an upgrade

Display technology is always improving. Today, there are displays that are known as ultra HD which have a resolution of over 4k. Then there are displays that incorporate 3D technology.

HDMI manufacturers have been using these developments as an excuse to encourage consumers to buy new cables. They claim that the new cables give a better performance. The truth is that they don’t.

People are fine with the cables that they already have. The whole HDMI 2.0 ordeal is also hype. Most people would be fine with the HD cable that they already have. Furthermore, there aren’t many products out there that actually support HDMI 2.0.

Never forget the length

Another thing people shouldn’t forget about is the cable’s length. There’s no point in buying a cable that’s too short. Don’t be shortsighted and buy a long enough cable. Remember, if the cable is more than five meters long, then the quality of the cable becomes an issue. However, it’s not that big of an issue since most cables really are the same in the end.

Ethernet over HDMI

Ethernet over HDMI is not a feature people should prioritize. Few things are Ethernet over HDMI compatible, heck most people don’t even care about that feature because they don’t know what it is. A basic high speed HDMI cable should be more than enough to satisfy most people’s needs.

Questions to ask before buying a safe

If you’re always worrying about your valuables and prized possessions, then it’s time to invest on a trusted safe. It doesn’t only protect you from burglars, but it can also protect your things from natural hazards such as fire and earthquake. There are many types of safes to choose from but most people have invested in TL-15 safes because they are easy to install and cheap compared to the others. Other safes such as TL-30 are more durable, but it comes with a price. If you don’t own a jewelry shop or a bank, it would be better to spend on a cheaper but high-quality safe.

Before buying TL-15 safesany safe out there, it’s important to consider some factors to know which safe is the best to buy. As a guide, questions will be provided here so that you can find the perfect safe for your needs.

What do you need to store in the safe? Some people buy safes to put in guns, government documents, jewelries and even rare comic books. The type of safe you’re going to buy would depend on the valuables inside. Different safes come with different sizes and weights. The standard size of TL-15 safes for homes is about 24 x 24 x 24 which is perfect for placing files, jewelry, extra cash and guns.

How safe do you want your safe is? Confusing as it sounds, there are different standards for the safety of safes. All trusted safes have UL markings on them. What does this mean? The Underwriter’s Laboratories is a company which sets the standard for the safety and durability of materials. Take note that you shouldn’t buy a safe if it has not been tested under U.L. because they might be easily breakable by thieves. Some people have suggested buying a safe which has a U.L. classification of group 2 or above. This means that they are not easily breakable by tools such as hammers or chainsaws.

Do you want a safe which is burglar-proof, fireproof, waterproof, shockproof or all four? Take note that not all safes are created to be safe from all damages. Some companies which sell safes claim that they are 100% safe from everything, while some are true, there are cases in which the safes are not fireproof. As an example, TL-15 safes can withstand the mauling of heavy tools but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fireproof. To be safe, look at the markings on the safe and make sure that they would protect your valuables from all harmful elements; some companies have made TLTX safes which are both tool-proof and fireproof.

What kind of lock do you want to use? Different safes have different locks for easy access. As a tip, it is better to go old-school and get that rotating spindle lock. This is because there are now TL-15 safes which come with relockers. Once the burglar destroys the spindle lock, the relockers automatically activate and hinder the burglar from opening the safe. If you plan to buy the new age locks which come with the LCD screen, make sure that you will buy one with high quality. This is because if the modern lock malfunctions, you might have to spend more to get your safe opened by an expert.

These are just some of the questions to consider before getting a safe. Look into the quality, safety, durability and protection that the safe offers. Do not sacrifice the safety of your valuables for just a little amount of money. Take note that it is important to think through before buying one because you don’t want to regret your decision after your things got stolen.

The TL-15 Safes with its six-sided composite construction and 2 hour fire protection is the only choice.

Crooks & Castles: Street Wear x High Fashion

Street wear rose to fame in the 80’s and 90’s. It mainly consisted of graphic shirts. It was a period when gangs were popular and violence was rampant. Street wear composed of bandanas, hip-hop loose pants, shorts, caps and sneakers. People represented themselves as fearless thugs who would do anything to make it big.


While high end fashionCrooks & Castles has been present since the word “fashion” was invented. It was made for the exclusive few who can afford it. It included haute couture and personalized items, which were made with dedicated craftsmanship. Only high quality materials are used for high fashion merchandise. A keen eye ensures that attention to detail is applied in each product before it is released in the market. After all, customers deserve the best because they’re paying a huge sum of money.


Combine these two concepts and Crooks & Castles was born. The founders, Dennis Calvero and Roberto Panlilio wanted to honor the period they grew up in. They grew up in the streets of Los Angeles, California during the 80’s and 90’s were crime was rampant. The streets were filled with gang members, thugs and violence was common. It was a period wherein only the toughest survived.


The brand name represents Crooks, people who are thugs, criminals and even bad people pretending to be good, just to get their own castles (money and power). Crooks & Castles is a lifestyle brand that balances the good and bad among people.


It’s a great reminder how the fashion scene was, during the 80’s and 90’s, but the company applies its on twist to the classic designs. The brand takes inspiration from fashion shows and designers both locally and abroad. The owners even studied fashion design to better understand the business. They analyzed what made these high fashion brands survive the competition and how they remained profitable.


Today, Crooks & Castles sells women’s clothing such as dresses, shorts, tank tops and accessories. While men’s clothing is composed of the basic graphic shirts, cargo pants/shorts, caps and accessories too. They’ve also extended their brand by catering to children’s street wear. Parents and adults who are fans of the street wear can dress their kids into looking cool and swag. Adults are given the chance to have a mini-me.


One of the things that made Crooks & Castles successful is their ability to cope with changing trends while managing to keep the brand’s identity. They can innovate and redesign existing trends to incorporate C&C’s vision to it.


The design team prepares in advance by researching current and upcoming trends. There’s always a story behind every collection they release. They don’t only sell clothes, but they sell an experience to their customers. Their clothing apparel conveys the message “thug life makes it big one day”.


The Crooks & Castles team also works with big names in the industry like Drake, Jay-Z and Kanye West. The brand name was even used as a lyric to a song. The brand is often featured in fashion magazines and online blogs.


Though Crooks & Castles applies high fashion principles in their brand. They’ve managed to keep their prices reasonable. Their price ranges from $15-19 for shirts and accessories. While their shorts, hoodies and sneakers may range from $20 to $50+. Over all, it’s an affordable brand that makes use of high quality materials for their clothing apparels.


One notable design they released is the Violente sunglasses. It was a recreation of the famous Valentino wayfarers but at an affordable price. Crooks & Castles still manages to live to its motto, “crooks survive the toughest times to get their castles”. 14 years in the business and they’re still growing a fashion empire.

Misters to Beat the Heat

Summers are fun, but the heat isn’t. It’s great to spend hot summer afternoons lounging on the patio, reading a good book, enjoying a glass of cold drink or simply staring off and daydreaming. But sometimes, the heat can be unbearable. The solution? Water misters. Yup, these genius inventions help in cooling off the air.


Water misters are often thought to cool people down by getting them wet. Truth is, it is far from that. Water misters cool the air, not drench the nearby person. It is true that a person near a water mister would feel a thin brush of mist, but the fine nozzles used in good quality water misters produces very fine water droplets- mists- that would not drench anyone with water. The whole point of a water mister is to bring down the temperature of surrounding air. Mist cooling is designed to use the fast evaporative property of mist to cool the surrounding air in the quickest way possible.


The water inside a mister is turned to mist and released into the air. The mist, being a fine water molecule, easily evaporates. Excess temperatures are absorbed by the water particle and removed from the immediate area through evaporation. The air left behind has less heat, resulting in cooling, in a process known as “flash evaporation”. The amount of mist that evaporates depends on the pressure in the water mister. Low-pressure water misters will leave a considerable amount of mist hanging in the air, giving the effect of a cooling, somewhat wet brush over the skin. Some low-quality low-pressure water misters actually do leave the skin visibly wet because of poor misting abilities. The nozzles used are of poor quality, as create bigger water droplets. These types are also less effective in cooling the surrounding air. Water misters that use high-pressure release super fine mist that can create a fog. Most of the released mist evaporates, so less of the wet effect on the skin. Also, note that the faster the mist evaporates, the faster the cooling effect on the air. Choice in pressure also depends on the humidity in the area. Low humidity areas do well with low-pressure misters. In high humidity, even the finest mist will not evaporate completely. Low-pressure water misters can cool down the atmosphere by as much as 20 degrees (Fahrenheit). High-pressure water misters can work more efficiently, bringing the real feels air temperature by as much as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.


The cooled air tends to circulate away from where the water mister is located. As the cool air moves, it leaves a trail of cooled air. This results in the cooling of a larger area that is not directly within the circulation of the water mister. A plain water mister needs the aid of a natural breeze to help circulate the cool air. The strength and direction of the breeze determines how large an area will eventually be cooled.


The cooling effect can be spread much farther, at a much faster rate with misting fans. These special fans help spread the cooled air faster and more efficiently to other parts of the patio or anywhere it is placed. Misting systems can also be used to cover a larger area. Misting nozzles are strategically placed along the area that needs cooling and the same principle applies. Both these types of misters do not need the aid of wind and breeze for cooling to spread. Misting fans create their own air current and misting nozzles are placed all over the area to provide cooling mist.


The longer the mister is in operation, the more mist is available to spread to larger areas. Even without a breeze, the cooling mist circulates farther away from the mister the longer it is turned on. More mist is released and more of them get to circulate. Thus, a single water mister is able to cool a large area, just give it some time to produce enough mist.

History of Golf Clubs

One cannot play golf without owning or borrowing several pieces of golf clubs. It is a piece of sporting equipment, which has a shaft and a head, used in hitting a golf ball (to shoot it into holes). Even the sport itself started because of sticks, clubs, canes, or any other similar looking objects being used to hit balls or stones into holes.


golf clubsSeveral documentations were made on the first occasion where golf clubs were used. Back then, sticks with other purposes and ornaments were used to hit balls or stones. It was noticed before that a group of sheepherders near St. Andrews, Scotland used their wooden staffs to hit stones to go into the rabbit holes. Because of their boredom while watching sheep for hours and hours, they became experts in hitting the stones into the rabbit holes.


There are different documentations in different countries about ancient people who used sticks to hit balls into holes, but those in Scotland were recognized to have invented the game, golf, in the 1400s. From 960 to 1279 during the Song Dynasty, chuiwan was played in China by the imperial family. Chuiwan was a game wherein balls were hit to go into holes using a set of 10 clubs (with jewels on their different parts).


Even though the documented start of the game was in 1400s, the first well documented club set was made in 1603. This first set of golf clubs were made specifically for the king of Scotland by William Mayne, the primary bow maker of King James VI of Scotland. You can find several of the old and first clubs made in the Royal and Ancient Club’s museum in St. Andrews. The first clubs and its parts were made of different kinds and species of wood. The first materials that were used in making the shaft were ash or hazel wood because these were softer and more flexible compared to the species of wood that were used for making the head. The hardwood that were first used in making the heads are oak, cherry, beech and apple wood. These clubs were called the “Hickory Golf Clubs.”


Robert Forgan from Scotland changed the construction and materials used in making the clubs by using American hickory for the shaft instead of the previously used ash or hazel wood. The American hickory was exported to Scotland where the pieces of equipment were made.


At around 19th century, a new golf ball was invented by Reverend Adam Pearson, the gutta-percha or “guttie” golf ball. The core of the “guttie” golf ball is made of solid gutta-percha (a kind of tree). The invention of this ball led to the new designs of the golf clubs, because of the necessity to change the clubs since the previous “feathery” golf balls made from leather and feathers had different properties compared to the new and more durable “guttie” ball. These newer clubs resemble the modern designs used today.


The large scale production of clubs, which started in the early 1900s, paved the way for exporting of some of the items to different countries. Aside from the use of American hickory, manufacturers started using other wood species, such as American Persimmon, for the heads. Wood was the primary material for the heads until around the late 1800s, where mass production of iron for club heads became possible.


Also, during the early 1900s, a significant evolution of the equipment was apparent after the Prince of Wales ordered a steel-shafted set with special specifications. From then on, manufacturers started using steel for the shaft. These steel shafts replaced the wooden shaft after the introduction of a new ball with a rubber core, the Haskell ball, in 1901.


With every new material that is being invented and discovered, a new innovation is also introduced in making golf equipment. These new inventions maximize the potential of the players and the game itself, making golf easier and more fun to play.


Author Bio:

Rock Bottom Golf has evolved into one of the top discount golf clubs in the world. Our core philosophy is to provide golfers with incredible deals on top quality golf shirts, golf shoes, golf apparels and golf equipment How do we do it? We buy huge lots of closeout merchandise, keep our overhead as low as humanly possible, leverage technology and then pass the savings to the consumer.

3 Things To Remember About Hiring Content Writers

The internet is an ever evolving place. In the past, it was easy to set up a website and have a flock of people journeying to see what you had to say and offer. In fact, some of the biggest websites in the world started early on in the history of the online world, and are still alive and well with credibility that is hard to gain. If you want to get into the public trust of sites that have been around a long time, you will need to follow along with the search engine ranking system that is in place. SERP options change, and algorithm shifts cause a great deal of opportunity for those that need to promote a variety of different things on the web, and one thing is for sure, internet marketing is the way to ensure a future for any company. If you don’t fall in line with the rules and regulations, or you try and circumvent everything, you are going to fail to secure a spot in your respective niche.


There are some common things that you will need to remember when you’re looking at marketing in today’s internet landscape. One of them is the point of hiring content writers to not only fill out your existing web pages, but to also allow you to gain access to the search rankings at a higher level. When you’re listed high above the queries, you will gain more traffic than your competition, and all without spending a dime on frivolous advertising or marketing ploys. Before hiring anyone, however, consider the following 3 quick things to remember about purchasing articles from a talented writer or company.


Check Their Previous Work Carefully


content writersA litmus test should be conducted in terms of how well a company or person writes. Do not just believe their marketing, or their website. Look for previous clients, or posts that they’ve written themselves. If they don’t have any active on their page, then ask for them to provide you with some examples of their work. You want to read through them and ascertain whether or not they are a good fit for what you want out of your promotional considerations. If for whatever reason you don’t find something on par with what you deem well written, don’t hire them. It’s that simple. If you do not make this consideration up front, you could end up losing out big time.


Consider How Fast Do They Deliver Content


Delivery times differ from company to company, and most provide turnaround within 48 hours to 7 days. This is the average, but some freelancers can work with less time than that. You’ll have to pay a lot more to get someone to deliver overnight, or within the framework of 24 hours. The turnaround time is important because you want to gauge how long you have to wait before getting your articles in place. If you find yourself struggling to get things covered within a good time frame, then by all means select another company to work with. Gauge how fast you want your content done, and you will definitely succeed.


Double Check For Duplicate Content


The number one thing that you want to remember, aside from everything else you’ve read so far, is duplicate content. Do not under any circumstances take anything that is duplicate, spun, or not unique. Unique information and writing is the #1 way that you’re going to be able to gain access to a global audience. If you post information that has been copied from somewhere, or you have spun articles, you will end up getting delisted from search results, and no one will be able to find you online. This is a bad thing, so double check all articles against plagiarism.


Finally, make sure that when you’re looking for content writers, you do not employ any sort of haste. Impulsive purchases of content will only prove to be a disaster, as you could get a PLR option instead of unique items. Take your time, find a good company or person to work with, and then order with confidence.